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The body as an archive


Duration 15:25


Documentary credits:

Director: Marleine van der Werf

Camera: Jos Meijers

Geluid: Henke Jelle de Groot

Editor: Jos Meijers

Sounddesign: Sander van der Schaaf

More info about Motus Mori & their project:

Concept & Choreographer: Katja Heitmann
Concept & music: Sander van der Schaaf
Artistic assistance & dramaturgy: Moene Roovers
Performance & archive: Wies Berkhout, Lea Christensen, Ornella Prieto, Rebecca Collins, Manou Koreman, Eleni Ploumi


With many thanks to Bernardie, Mahat, Christos, Cees & Daphne for donating their movements.




The Body as an archive, Short documentary


In this documentary we created a portrait of the Motus Mori Institute. The documentary follows their journey in the methods that they created to collect and preserve human movement with a team of dancers.

In the period 2021-2024 Katja Heitmann creates an archive for the movement that is inevitably becoming extinct: Motus Mori Institute. This institute focuses on the collection, preservation, display and transfer of movement-heritage. Institute Motus Mori is a place for process. Every development is shared with the audience in public manifestations. This institute literally ‘moves’; in the years to come, it will be located in various cities, presenting the process of archiving in theatres, museums and public space as exhibitions, performances and rituals.

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