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News, Premieres & Exhibtions

13-07-24 I have been invited for the Nexus program of Tetem in Enschede and do research on haptic interactions for the 'Disembodied' Project  

05-07-24/05-08-24 Opening in MU Hybrid Art SpaceWhere 'The Underground Astronaut' will be on show this summer. 

13-06-24/ 31-12-24 - Opening exhibition Millenials @ Laboral, Gijon (S) Proud to announce that our installation 'How AI live disembodied' part of the Disembodied-project will be shown in this intriguing exhibit. A nice article about it:


05-04-24 - Listening Event of multi-sensory installation "Dear Organ'  @17h30 on the balustrade in De Passage of the Erasmus MC (accessible via the white stairs next to the reception of the main entrance) . Other artists in exhibition: "Generous Bodies, Generous Minds" are: Liza Wolters and Moosje M. Goosen is. Curators: Rahwad Baaklini & Tess de Ruiter.

April Issue - The Brain is the screen - The short film 'The Prediction Machine' will be part of this april issue of Labocine

16-03-24 Short Documentary 'The Underground astronaut' will be shown @ filmfestival Docville, Leuven (B)

16-03-24 Short Documentary 'The Underground astronaut' will be shown @ inscience filmfestival

26-01-24/21-04-24- Showing my multi-sensory installation "Dear Organ' in exhibition: "Generous Bodies, Generous Minds". Curated by Rahwad Baaklini & Tess de Ruiter. An exhibition about  organ transplantation at Erasmus MC opening during Art Rotterdam

30-11-23 Presentation of filmforward Vrijplaats Fellows programm at IDFA institute. In which I will show the process of artistic research into on/off boarding in creating an experience. Together with my other fellows looking forward to share my research.

28-10-23 Exhibition Silbersalz media  festival (Halle- Saale) of "Ai; How to live without a body" (in development) part of the Disembodied project + showing documentary: 'The Underground Astronaut'

06-10-23 Exhibition Organ transplatation - Doelen Rotterdam (NL) New multi-sensory installation 'Dear Organ' will be presented during the exhibition in collaboration with the Science Gallery, rotterdam. The project explores the question of what happens with the idea of your self when you receive an organ transplantation. 

29-09-23 Exhibition @ 30th year Werkleitz (Halle- Saale) of "Ai; How to live without a body" (in development) part of the Disembodied project. Looking forward to exhibiting the work at this wonderfull place

23-08-23 Prize: best Short film for "The underground Astronaut" @ Scinema filmfestival 

09-06-23 Exhibition at NEME in Cyprus of Video Installation: "Ai; How to live without a body" (in development) part of the Disembodied project

17-05-23 Selected for filmforward - Creating the experience, by the Dutch filmfund. In which I will investigate how we can use on/off boarding as a tool to connect with the main character

12-05-2023, Work in progress created during EMAP residency in 2022-2023 will be shown during the media art Wroclaw biennale 

7-04-2023 Premiere documentary 'The Underground astronaut' about Toby Kiers at GO Shorts! Filmfestival. Ready for a new perspective? Ammodo Docs presents artistic shorts about original minds. Fifteen-minute films by leading Dutch filmmakers challenge you to experience the world of pioneers in arts and science.

10-03-2023 Participating at exhibition in Stadsgalerij Breda (NL) with work I developed during the Van Gogh Artist in residency in 2018 as part of selection Local Talents

31-01-2023 Work in progress of Disembodied, a multi-sensory project @ Transmediale! Check out the announcement

05-12-2022 Presentation @ Symposium 'Umbruch in Film' with try-out #2 of the immersive audio installation "The living dead'

29-11-2022 / 05-02-2023 Starting my artist in residency @Werkleitz in Halle (D) Doing artistic research and develop 'The living dead' project further

24-11-2022 First try-out / viewing of film:  'How I lost my body' in Kino, Rotterdam (NL) which is part of the multidisciplinary project: 'The living dead'

12-11-2022 Masterclass @Radboud university in collaboration with Inscience filmfestival on how to collaborate with scientist in artistic filmmaking

04-11-2022 Finished the editing of 'The Underground Astronaut' with fantastic editor Saskia Kievits. Another trip made in the editing room:) 

20-07-2022 Joining Evolutionary biologists Toby Kiers expedition with our great filmcrew for the new film: The underground Astronaut

14-06-2022 Very much looking forward to participate in the EMAP conference in Zagreb (C) 

01-04-2022 Finally we start filming with the amazing writer Esme Weijun Wang for our multi-sensory project 'The Living dead'. Very exciting!

01-03-2022 We are thrilled to announce that the Municipality of Rotterdam has given us a grant for working on our film which is part of the multi-sensory project 'The Living dead'

December 2021  Motus Mori - Viewing of documentary 'The body as an archive' in combination with the living archive by choreographer Katja Heitman Concertgebouw Brugge (B)

19-11-21 Viewing of documentary 'The New Hospital' @ V2, Rotterdam (NL) during Automation of care

10-11-21 Short film 'All we are' @ Inscience filmfestival 2021 pop-up cinema

15-10-21/19-10-21 Artistic research and experiments on showcase in exhibition in MACA (NL) 


Special talk about the research and methods: 18-10-21 15h00 together with guest speaker and researcher from the Centre of Applied Research for Design, Art & Technology (CARADT) Sarah Lugthart. How can we assess and learn from user-experiences while developing a project?

16-09-21/14-11-21 Exhibition Lochal 

Check out my work and that of other makers connected to the province of Brabant who supports many great artists @ Expositie Van Hier & Verder @ Lochal, Tilburg (NL). 

10-09-21 New grants! We are extremely grateful for the grants for a short film and the development of the script for the XR installation The Living Dead. We got grants from: Sundance, Mondriaanfonds, DKC Rotterdam & Makersloket van Droom & Daad. We can't wait to start with new fresh energy in the next stage of the project

31-08-21 New website online for The living dead! It's still in development, but for a sneak preview you can already check it out:

15/22-08-21 Documentary about Motus Mori will be shown at Central Museum Utrecht (NL) & Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch (NL)


Workshop @ TU Delft with Landscape Architects & Urbanism about creating immersive installation for the Dutch Waterline

01-05-21 Participating @ CPH DOX filmfestival

02-04-2021 Exciting start of development of new film about Scientist Toby Kiers in collaboration with Basalt film & Ammoda

25-02-2021 Collaborating with Motus Mori Institute on a new project

15-03-2021 Essay about stepping in & out of a character in cinema published in Journal

05-02-2021 Short film 'All we are' added to collection of eduction @ Eye filminstitute

01-02-2021 Happy to announce that I will start this year as a new  boardmember of Playgrounds festival


'Short film The prediction machine' shown @ Impakt Channel



Talks & try-out event of 'The Living dead' @ Science gallery Rotterdam (CANCELLED)



Short film 'All we are' selected for Inscience filmfestival



The documentary 'The new hospital' has won the award for best foreign documentary @ the Annual Copenhagen filmfestival. So proud of the film, the team and the generous support of the Erasmus MC that made the film possible:)



Panel member Distributie Interactieve Werken @ NFF - Interactive



Guest lecture on my Artistic research at Master Visual Arts and Post contemporary Practice - Art Academy Den Bosch (NL)


04-04-2020 / 01-11-2020

Two short films of mine will be presented @ Science gallery Rotterdam. A great art gallery space in the Erasmus Medical Centre

From the 1th of july you can book a tour in the gallery


01-05-2020 / 01-07-2020 - Guest lecturer @ TU Delft (NL). Together with the researchers of TU delft we will explore how to use artistic methods to experience the senses from a non-human perspective. 


01/05/20 Short film selected for international short film competition' in olomouv (Chech republic)


02-04/ 04-04-2020

Elements of the Living Dead project will be presented @ STRP. Art & Technology festival in Eindhoven



The Living dead has entered the last round of the Sundance New frontiers lab, keeping our fingers crossed!


27-01-2020 Nominated for best foreign Documentary The new hospital is one of three competitors for the award @ Annual copenhagen filmfestival


01/11/2019- 01-03-2021 Residency at lectorate innovative journalism & Design - University of applied science Tilburg (NL) Artistic Research: How to embody someone else's perception? Supported by:



CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)




17/11/2019 Talk about my artistic practice & future of VR @ Overkill filmfestival, Enschede (NL)


08/11/2019 Presentation & Pitch @ Inscience filmfestival (NL)


05/11/2019 Guest Lecture about my artistic practice @ Master Still Images, Den Bosch (NL)


17-10/25-10-2019 Selected for Symbiosis challenge Imagine Science filmfestival New York (USA)
Looking forward to create a new short film in the symbiosis challenge in New York:) 


15-10/20-10-2019 The short film: 'The Prediction Machine' selected for Art/ filmfestival Trauner Szolnok (H)


24-06/28-06-2019 Selected for European Talent HUB by European academy of Science film
EURASF and Sunny Side of the Doc are teaming up to organize this very special showcase highlighting new European talents. Where I present my creative universe and newest project in development 'The Living dead' @ La Rochelle (France)


09/06/2019 Broadcast of documentary 'The New Hospital' @ RTV Rijnmond. Which I made last year in collaboration with the biggest hospital of Europe - Erasmus MC. Friday there will be a short radio interview with me @ RTV Rijnmond 93.4 FM radio


08/06/2019 Lecture @ 15h IMPAKT Center for Media Culture - Event CONNECTING REALITIES WITH VR & AR 

Battle lines still have to be drawn, the rules are not yet in place: new media such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer unique possibilities for creating mutual understanding. While AR might be used to reveal the hidden forces at work in our society, VR can make people embody experiences they never felt before. With VR artists Marleine van der Werf, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Jim Brady, artist and theorist Rosa Menkman and Danielle Arets (moderator)


25/05/2019 Article about my new installation 'The Living dead'

Great interview made by Régina Debutty about the multi sensory installation that I am developing at the moment. Check it out here


18/05/2019 Article about the NEXT Talent trajectory I won last year and what I learned so far written by Iris van Den Boezem (in Dutch)


01/05/2019 New site specific work @ Kube houses Rotterdam (NL)

Excited to announce that during this summer we will develop a new permanent multisensory installation for the Kube Houses in Rotterdam! The new work is titled "The Human Kube' and will be opened in september and an hommage to this very special disorientating space:) 


15-04 & 29-04-2019 Screenings of Prediction Machine 

University of Colorado's new NEST Studio for the Arts, an interdisciplinary program for the intersection of Nature, Environment, Science & Technology with art and film & Science talk in Portland (USA)


04-04/08-04-2019 The new teaser of the multi sensory installation 'The Living dead' will be shown during Playgrounds Blend in Breda & Tuchinski Amsterdam (NL)


04-04-2019 Artist Talk @ STRP - Art&Technology festival! 


29-03-2019 / 07-04-2019 Sneak preview of my new installation 'The Living dead' during STRP Art & Technology festival (NL) 

During the festival they will show a teaser we made about the work process and background of the project - come and see!


14-03-2019 Guest lecture about my artistic research @ Art Academy St Joost in Den Bosch (NL) 


08-02-2019 Proud Winner of the Science Award for 'The Prediction Machine' @ Imagine Science filmfestival Abu Dhabi, (UAE)


31-01-2019 Winner of Act Award by STRP Art&Technology festival! 


28-01-2019 Exhibition & Filmfestival - Imagine Science Abu Dhabi

New work: Memory of the future  made possible by CBK Rotterdam


18-10-2018 French premiere of 'The Prediction Machine'

The short documentary 'The Prediction Machine'  will be shown at the Parisscience


01-10-2018 International premiere 'The Prediction Machine'

The short documentary 'The Prediction Machine'  will premiere at the Image Science filmfestival in New York in october. I am looking forward to it very much! This screening has received funding through a grant from the Netherland-America Foundation 


Programmer Nate Dorr about the film: 'Your film was chosen because of it's rare ability to communicate science in a unique, engaging and visually compelling manner.' 


28-08-2018 Premiere 'Het nieuwe ziekenhuis' (The New Hospital) Produced by IDTV


13-07-2018 Opening of exhibition in TAC, Eindhoven (NL)

of multisensory installation Be Boy Be Girl @ Via Ventosa


24-06-2018 Opening of exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

of multisensory installation Be Boy Be Girl @ FILE festival


11-04-2018 Next talent Award - Playgrounds Digital arts festival

Great News I won the Next talent program of Playgrounds festival..

Looking forward to create new work! Jury of playgrounds: "A strong female voice: Marleine van der Werf. With her powerful stories she never takes the easy route. After graduating AKV|St. Joost more than 10 year ago she became an independent documentary film maker and always explored new disciplines to tell her stories. We believe that with her strong filmic background and intelligent, original ideas het development within Next can be quite spectacular!”


08-03-2018 Screening 'The Free Market'

At Cinenoord in Rotterdam, my documentary film 'The Free Market' will be show. Feel free to join us, I will be there to give an introduction:) 


29-01-2018 Excited to start filming new work

This week we will start shooting a documentary about the innovative changes that the hospital Erasmus MC is undergoing and how docters deal with the modernization of health care. Together with my crew - Camera: Remko Schnorr and Sound: Erik Schuring -  in collaboration with IDTV


28-01-2018 Publication Research & Development of Rotterdam artist (CBK, Rotterdam) Last few years I have been supported by the CBK of Rotterdam and they will publish a publication of several artists (including me) on the research grant they received. 


24-01-2018 Opening of exhibition in Belo Horizonte, Brasil

of multisensory installation Be Boy Be Girl @ FILE festival


15-12-2017 Article about The Prediction Machine @ NEMO

(in Dutch) "The Prediction Machine is een mooie samensmelting van vorm en inhoud. De gebruikte lenzen, camerastandpunten en montage zorgen soms voor een bijna misselijkmakende ervaring, maar doordringen de kijker tegelijkertijd wel van de chaos aan informatie waarvan je brein de hele dag door maar chocola moet zien te maken. Dit ondersteunt heel beeldend het wetenschappelijke én persoonlijke verhaal dat Floris de Lange ondertussen vertelt. Na het zien van deze film is je ontzag voor je brein weer een beetje gegroeid" 


10-11-2017 Premiere of short film 'The Prediction Machine' @ Lux, Nijmegen (NL) This film a collaboration between me and neuroscientist Floris de Lange. Initiated by inscience filmfestival. 


10-2017 Exhibition of multisensory installation Be Boy Be Girl @ FILE festival, Brasilia, Brasil


30-09-2017 Exhibition of multisensory installation Be Boy Be Girl @ Betweter festival, Tivoli Utrecht (NL)


04-09-2017 Researcher, Starting from september I will be a researcher at the Master of Film, (research in and through Cinema) @ filmacademy Amsterdam (NL) Here I will research for two years perception. Financially supported by Stichting Niemeijer fonds, Van Beek Donner Stichting, Max Cohen fonds 


25-05-2017 Screening @ Seoel Human Rights filmfestival, South Korea


11-05-2017 Opening of Buiten Kaders, BKKC - with the installation Be Boy be Girl and several films. Group exhibition together with artists Willem Populier, Jenny van den Broeke and Claudia Den Boer


April/May Exhibition Madrid & Brazil

New exhibtions in Madrid and Brazil with 'Be boy Be girl'. Check our latest tv interview with Canal+ 


April Artist in residence @ Van Gogh Huis - Zundert (NL)

Solo exhibition in Van Gogh Gallery

FInancially supported  by Stichting Bekker La Bastide Fonds


20-02-17 Proud to be one of the nine artist chosen from 1000 artists in Rotterdam that will create a new art work which will be integrated permanently in glass panels at University building of Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam (NL)


11-01-17 Los Angeles Art Fair 

The multi sensory installation 'Be boy be girl' will be shown in January at the Los Angeles Art Fair at the convention center downtown LA. It will be part of the Ping Pong exhibtion -

Financially supported by CBK Rotterdam, Ping Pong, EFF



17-11-2016 The Free Market will be presented @ IDFA Docs for Sale


07-10-2016 Great review of The Free Market (De vrije markt)

in NRC Handelsblad (Dutch Newspaper)

"De sterke debuutfilm van documentairemaker Marleine van der Werf over de Rotterdamse Markthal doet meerdere dingen tegelijk, op een geraffineerde manier."


03-10-2016 Broadcast The Free Market (De vrije markt) 

Tonight at 22u55 my documentary will be shown at NCRV-KRO


08-10-2016 Multi sensory installation Nouveau Cinema in COMPETITION

At this filmfestival in Montreal our installation will be presented and will be in competition:) 


12-10-2016 Multi sensory installation at Future of Storytelling

At this great place in New York our installation will be presented. 


27-08-2016 Multi sensory installation at Schunck Museum 2016

In the exhibition 'Spielerei' in Museum Schunck the installation will be presented. 


12-07-2016 Multi sensory installation at FILE Festival Sao Paolo

It is an honour to show our installation 'Be boy be girl' at FILE the biggest media art festival in South America.


12-06-2016 Art Basel, Ping Pong art show, M54

Great article in Swiss Newspaper about the exhibition in M54, Basel in the

exhibition Ping Pong - Exchange between Basel - Miami


12-01-2016 Multi sensory installation at Art Rotterdam 2016

Currently working on the multi sensory installation 'Be boy be girl'. The installation is a collaboration with artist Frederik Duerinck.



Interview with Noor Mertens (Curator Museum Booijmans van Beuningen) about my work (in dutch), check this link


03-01-2016 Short documentary In de wolken will be broadcasted at

Television L1 of Limburg (NL) with Pentecost (Pinksteren). 


15-08-2015 IDFA Summerschool

The summerschool was great, we met nice people, interesting tutors and our editing mentor Olliver Huddleston inspired us a lot! 


01-05-2015 Documentary The Market selected for IDFA summerschool

Together with editor Tim Roza we have been selected for the IDFAcademy Summer School out of 182 submissions 18 projects of which 6 in editing stage have been selected. This select group of up-and-coming international filmmaking talents will get a chance to work on their film scripts or rough cuts with esteemed film professionals, and they're in for a treat this year, as renowned director Victor Kossakvsky will be one of the tutors. For more info check the website of IDFA.


30-04-2015 /02-05-2015 Portals experiments at Leiden short film experience

During LISFE the first experiments of the filmprojection installation 'Portals' will be shown in an old mill factory. After our trip to 'Futuroscope' in France we have been developing and collecting new ideas and we will showcase one of the concepts at the festival weekend. 


28-03-2015 Figurativism; from Cobra to Studio Job

In the exhibition "Figurativism; from Cobra to Studio Job" the filmportrait of fashiondesigner 'Walter van Beirendonck' I made in 2011 will be part of the exhibition in the Textilemuseum in Tilburg from 28 March 2015 till 6 March 2016. The exhibition presents fabrics and other pieces by important (textile) designers and artists from 1950 to now. Featured designs are by Corneille, Frits Wichard, M.C. Escher, Jeroen Vinken, Kiki van Eijk, JongeriusLab, Jaime Hayon and Studio Job, among others. 


07-03-2015 Premiere filmportraits shown at Museum night

During 'Museum Night' two portraits that I and Marieke Wijnen (director) edited will be shown at the Dutch Photomuseum. In the exhibition "Rotterdam in the Picture" two short films will be shown about two photogaphers Jannes Linders en Boudewijn Bollmann. 



24-11-2014 Article in the 'Nieuwe Reporter'

I was asked to write an article for the Dutch Mediafund magazine '609' about how I keep my autonomy in my work  and my views about filmmaking. An interesting challenge! Together with 9 other young filmmakers (Kaweh Modiri, Morgan Knibbe, Josefien Hendriks, Mea Dols de Jong, Willem Baptist, Laura Hermanides, Judith de Leeuw,  Thomas Vroege & Nathalie Crum) we wrote about our views on the topic. To read all the articles check: magazine '609' for the article in the 'Nieuwe reporter' check: Article new reporter



18-08-14 Moodtrailer Where the soul resides

We made a moodtrailer for 'Where the soul resides'. It's an experiment and the film is still in development, but to get a sneak preview please click here. Comments are very welcome.


15-07-14 English translation coming up

Currently I am translating my website from Dutch in English. It will be finished end of summer. If you have any questions please contact me:


28-02-14 Filmplan opgenomen in Mediafondsreader

Leuk nieuws! Het filmplan dat ik vorig jaar heb geschreven is toegevoegd aan de nieuwe mediafondsreader. Twee jaar geleden werd ik geselecteerd voor het traject van Cultuur & Ondernemen en heb ik onder begeleiding van mijn coach; John Appel veel tips gekregen. Mijn doel was om een filmplan te schrijven zonder alles dicht te timmeren en een open en filmische blik te behouden. Dit is één van de beweegredenen voor het mediafonds om het filmplan te selecteren. 


08-02-14 De documentaire 'De Roze zuster' onderdeel Missiemuseum

De film zal opgenomen worden in de collectie van het Missiemuseum in Steyl. Een zeer bijzonder museum die ingaat op de geschiedenis van de verschillende kloostsers in de omgeving en een bizarre collectie heeft aan dieren die ze van hun missiewerk meenamen. Een aanrader!


24-12-13 Uitzending documentaire portret 'De Roze zuster'

De korte documentaire 'De Roze zuster' over de jonge non Maria zal met de kerstdagen worden uitgezonden worden op Omroep Limburg.


24-10-13 Dutch Design Week

Tijdens de Dutch design week wordt het korte documentaire portret over modeontwerper Walter van Beirendonck vertoond. Dit portret is onderdeel van een driedelige serie die ik maakte in opdracht van het Textielmuseum in Tilburg. De documentaire zal worden vertoond in het kader van een lezing voor designers gorganiseerd in de Piet Hein Eek vestiging. Meer info


07-09-13 Compilatie Walter van Beirendonck in MOMU (Antwerpen)

Een compilatie van mijn documentaire over 'Walter van Beirendonck', zal vertoond worden in het Momu in Antwerpen ter gelegenheid van de tentoonstelling:  '50 jaar Modeafdeling Antwerpen'.  Dit documentaire portret is onderdeel van een driedelige serie die ik maakte in opdracht van het Textielmuseum in Tilburg. Meer info


15-06-13 Art Basel

Samen met Eva Wijers (Beeldend Kunstenaar) en Natasja Jonckheere (Ruimtelijk Ontwerper) bezoeken we de Art Basel en bekijken de nieuwste ontwikkelingen. Vandaag filmmaker Agnes Varda vragen kunnen stellen bij de conversations en filmopnames gemaakt bij PINGPONG - kunstuitwisseling tussen kunstenaars uit Basel-Miami-Los Angeles.


06-06-13 Indienen 'Zetel van de ziel' bij mediafonds

Spannend! Na hard werken is het dan uiteindelijk zover en heb ik

samen met Janneke Doolaard van Keydocs en Laetitia Schoofs van de BOS 

de aanvraag ingediend bij het mediafonds, nu duimen.. 


23-03-13 Stagiaire Max/ Alumni AV

Het komende half jaar assisteert Max Diezenberg (3e jaars student Audiovisuele Vormgeving van St.Joost) mij bij diverse projecten en werkt hij samen op onze studio (Bureau SOFA). Gezellig en leerzaam voor beide. Daarnaast ben ik samen met Thomas Vroege bezig met het oprichten van een Alumni voor de Audiovisuele Vormgeving opleiding van St. Joost.    


09-03-13 Vertoning Films op Musemnacht Rotterdam 

Op de mediawall in de Rotterdamse Schouwburg wordt het een natte bedoening. Films van kunstenaars en documentaires waarin water een rol speelt worden hierop vertoond. Tijdens deze avond zullen fragmenten van de documentaire 'Waterlanders' (2012) die ik samen met Marieke Wijnen voor het Kunstgebouw heb gemaakt vertoond worden. Ook de experimentele film 'Landerlingen' die ik samen met Ruud Terhaag maakte in 2008 wordt vertoond. Komt dat zien vanaf 21 uur, schouwburgplein, Rotterdam!


​29-01-13 Premiere 'Mist' op IFFR 

De korte film Mist (regie: Parisa Yousef Doust) gaat 29 januari op première op het Internationaal filmfestival in Rotterdam. Voor deze film heb ik drie jaar geleden Marijke Brinkhof (art Director) geassisteerd. ​

06-01-13 Vertoning 'De Perceptionist'

Frisse Oren is a free New Year celebration full of great acts presented by the joint cultural organizations in Tilburg (Hall of Fame, International Gipsy Festival, Mundial Productions, Paradox, Poppodium 013, a.o.). We participate by presenting a film program called Short Films. The event takes place on the 6th of January, 2013 at Theaters Tilburg.​​


14-12-12 Vertoning 'In de Wolken'

Tijdens een bijzondere gedenkavond, Allezielen, wordt in Oosterhout de korte film 'In de wolken' vertoond. Deze film maakte ik 2 jaar geleden i.o.v. Erfgoed Brabant en Electron over kindersterfte.

Locatie: Stichting B.O.C.K., Brabantlaan 7, te Oosterhout van 20.00 uur - 0.00 uur

​28-11-12 Uitzending RTV Dordrecht & RTV Papendrecht

De documentaire Waterlanders worden uitgezonden op RTV Dordrecht.

De film zal ieder uur worden herhaald tot de volgende dag en ook via de live stream te zien zijn.

​23-11-12 Première ​'Waterlanders'

Zal de documentaire 'Waterlanders' (30 minuten, co-regie Marieke Wijnen) in première gaan in Landvast. Deze film werd in samenwerking met producent Noud Heerkens i.o.v het Kunstgebouw en Provincie Zuid-Holland gemaakt. 

25-10-12  Geselecteerd voor grote Rotterdamse kunstkalender 2013

Eigen pagina in de Grote Rotterdamse kunstkalender 2013. De kalender die in oktober gepresenteerd wordt biedt een podium aan 365 gerenommeerde én aanstormende Rotterdamse kunstenaars, designers, grafisch vormgevers, modeontwerpers, fotografen en architecten.

​14-09-12/ 15-09-12  Dansfilm op Wereld van Witte de With, 

​Voor MAMA: Showroom for Media and moving art - Zal ik een korte film maken van de dans performance van 'The silent clowns'. Deze zal in première gaan tijdens de Wereld van witte de with, Art festival, Rotterdam (NL)

10-09-12 /14-09-12  Vertoning 'The Perceptionist'

De korte film 'De Perceptionist' die ik samen met Ruud Terhaag heb gemaakt is geselecteerd voor het Incubate Festival en wordt vertoond in cinema: De Nieuwe vorst in Tilburg (NL)

30-05-12 Vertoning ‘Onbegrensd’ (illimited)

Op het documentaire filmfestival Beeld voor Beeld in het Tropisch Instituut, Amsterdam (NL) wordt mijn afstudeerfilm Onbegrensd vertoond met een Q&A door Professor Faye Ginsburg, de directeur van het Center for Media, Culture and History van de New York University en Janine Prins (filmmaker) en filmdocent. 

24-05-12 Première Theater voorstelling ‘One Hour’
(Regie: Edit Kaldor) op Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht (NL).
Samen met Ruud Terhaag heb ik gewerkt aan de videocontent van ‘One Hour’.


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