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Dear Organ

"Dear Organ"

a Multi-sensory installation; 5 min loop of 4 binaural audio channels and decellularised organ, 2024

Editor: Jos Meijers

This project is created in collaboration with:


Science gallery Rotterdam

Curated by Tess de Ruiter and Rawad Baaklini


Peter van Maurik - Organ recipient and gold medal winner swimmer of world transplant games 2023


Moosje Moti Goosen - Artist and Organ recipient 

Research Group Laboratory of Experimental Transplantation and Intestinal Surgery.

Dear Organ


In the Summer of 2023 the Science gallery Rotterdam invited fellow artists, scientist and philosophers to learn and think about Organ transplantation. During this exciting summerschool I was invited to give an artist talk about my methods and create a new work about the topic.


I was inspired by the research on decellularized organs and their potential to transform the lives of those in need of a transplant. The organ featured in the work is stripped of all its cells, becoming a blank skeleton awaiting new DNA to inhabit it. The personal stories presented in the installation capture diverse perspectives on organ transplantation inspired on true stories of donors and recipients. They address existential questions of identity, personhood, and how receiving another person's organ can influence one's sense of self.

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