The Living dead

 (in development)


Producer: Basalt Film 


This project is supported by:

Act award STRP


Talent Trajectory NEXT

(The Panic, Submarine, Solar World Cinema, independent filmmaker Frodo Kuipers, AKV|St.Joost, KLIK animation film festival, Playgrounds and Provincie Noord-Brabant)


Immerse Interact


Stichting Niemeijer Fonds

The Living dead - a Multi sensory project

"Caught in the fabric of the world, my body is a thing among things" 

                       "I have the experience that I walk around with a shell of myself.


They don't believe me as long as I am still moving.



I move on without experiencing it.

This lost state is a darkness that swallows me.


Thus I never find any rest: neither during the day nor at night


All that remains is a shadow."

                                                                     (Diary excerpt of Cotard patient)


The multidisciplinary project 'The Living Dead' is an intimate journey in which the fragile relationship with our biological body is questioned. The story is told from the perspective of a patient who suffers from the rare Cotard Syndrome and has lost connection with her body. To experience this we develop various presentation forms, including a short film and a multi-sensory installation. We use an immersive sound experience, a floating tank, scent, wearables, touch, and virtual reality to make the experience tangible. In this journey we see a glimpse of how their brains may be the key to unlock the mysteries of human consciousness.


The project has an interdisciplinary approach: it integrates knowledge from the fields of cinema, philosophy, medicine, and science. We collaborate with neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, and artists in the field of dance, sound, and image. It's a project situated at the intersection of these different disciplines and, based on its investigative nature, searches for innovative ways to represent this experience in different presentation forms.











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