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Onbegrensd - illimited

2010, 36:45 min


Director: Marleine v/d Werf

Producer: Fanny Hagmeier

Camera: Thomas Jeninga

Sound: Jef Monte

Editor: Daan Wierda - Marleine v/d Werf


Shown at numerous festivals, selection:

Nederlands filmfestival, Utrecht

IDFA (International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam)

Nominated St. Joost penning


Onbegrensd - illimited, Documentary film


Albert Einstein said that "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than knowledge," and this statement connects the lives of four very different people who all willingly or not live outside society. They are not unhappy, though, because they have their dreams and their imaginations. Yvette is wheelchair-bound, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying life and writing books (typed with a stick attached to her helmet. The young Kurd Achmed lives with his family in a reception center for asylum seekers, collecting soccer trophies and doing his best to learn Dutch. Alan is a drifter who spends his days on a park bench, reading, smoking and philosophizing: "To me, reading a book is like talking to a living person." Marie is a young woman who has given her life to God, and she serves him in the convent day and night: "You do strange things when you're in love." The muted imagery of the dreamers' light-swathed worlds completes these lovingly filmed portraits. As Alan says, quoting Sartre and Camus, "There's no reality. You have to create it."

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