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Haptic cinema

We got an introduction by Laurent Lanckert about Haptic cinema, which made a huge impression on me. Because he told us about haptic cinema. Which basically describes what I have been trying to do for years. Haptic films often have close ups, blurred images, so the spectator has to put his senses at work to experience what is happening in the film. The themes are very similar to mine, reality, imagination, brain and body. For me it was a revelation that this exist. He was able to give words to my work as I felt it, that I have been trying to find for years. So it means I will have to read up:)

I just ordered two books and the theory is also based on deleuze. Laura Marks (film-theorist) used his theories and philosophy to describe haptic cinema. Francis Bacon is the first painter to be described as 'haptic'. Very interesting to find out more!

The Tactile Eye & The skin of the film

Also in the research I continued on VR, the 'haptic' word comes back also the whole time. It is so weird, but amazing. Anyways, thanks Laurent and curious to learn more..

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