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One of the aspects I haven't researched is the emotional effect cinema can have in our body when we are watching something. The moment a film creates a emotional reaction to the spectator. The fear you can feel, sadness, empathy, disgusted or very happy. It can be deeper emotions that you feel in your stomach, but also the moment the spectator curls their lips in a smile because a character is having a beautiful moment that makes them smile.

Since I often deal with 'real' people in my projects, to get certain stories or scenes I have to ask people things they are normally not very comfortable with sharing. I often struggle with this ethical dilemma. To ask people that participate in my projects things that I would find difficult myself. But I realised that instead of asking it, I often fill it in and don't ask it and I wanted to challenge my own ethical approach. Because it often means I miss out on certain aspects or scenes that give a strong emotional layer to a character in a film.

So after doing the previous experiment (which consist of found footage from youtube), that made me feel emotionally. I was interested to see how I could challenge my own borders. Things that make me emotional, because they are personal and ask someone I know if I can film them. Although they are in a difficult situation.

So I went to my Frysian grandmother aka 'Beppe', that I don't see often. She didn't wanted to be filmed, so I asked her to film me instead and thought it could be even stronger since it would become a more 'pov' piece and I subject myself to be fragile in stead ask someone else to do that for me. Above is the result of this experiment.

After this workshop/ experiment. We looked at sound and in the workshop I experimented with the non-sound one of my fellow researchers produced..

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