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Tesla full body haptic suit

Teslasuit Project announces the first full body haptic suit with motion capture and climate control

Author: Anna Demidenko

Dec 14, 2017 | 3 mins to read

Teslasuit Project announces that we will be exhibiting the Teslasuit, the world’s first full body smart apparel, at CES 2018.

We invite you to Booth 51916, Eureka Park, CES 2018.

The Teslasuit is a combination of a number of features:

  • full body haptic feedback system which provides users with a sense of touch and presence in a digital world, based on electrostimulation;

  • climate control system that provides heat and cold sensations;

  • motion capture;

  • and is absolutely wire free.

During the CES, the team behind the Teslasuit will demonstrate how the VR and AR experience is only complete when all of the body’s senses are involved. By including TENS/EMS stimulation and high precision motion tracking the Teslasuit Project has achieved the non-invasive immersion into xR.

The Teslasuit has been created using modular technology. The advanced haptic element recreates the sensation of touch and simulates the feeling of the weight of objects in a virtual world. Motion capture provides a 2-way communication in a VR/AR environment, gesture control and position tracking. The climate component transmits the temperature change in a digital environment and simulates a range of temperature sensations.

“We wanted the Teslasuit to erase the difference between the virtual and the real worlds. The gaming market, entertainment and enterprise in VR and AR are currently the natural applications for this technology. Also, as this is smart clothing, it will work well for day to day life and well-being, for example in sports training and fitness”, said Dimitri Mikhalchuk, CEO of Teslasuit Project. “But, we see its potential future use in a variety of different sectors including manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and medical fields in particular for use in rehabilitation, biometric data set building, collection and data management”, added Mikhalchuk.

For more information please contact our Marketing Director, Denis Dybsky:

About Teslasuit Project:

The Teslasuit team are a group of dedicated developers and designers, creating innovative products for VR and the gaming industry.

The Teslasuit is the world’s first full-body smart apparel. In VR and AR it acts as a haptic suit, includes motion capture and climate control and lets the user feel the sensations in virtual reality, transmitting body motion and providing sensations of heat and cold.

Teslasuit Project is currently looking to collaborate with development studios who wish to integrate with and who want to provide a fully immersive experience to their users. The platform currently supports Unreal and Unity3D Engines and comes with full support for developers during the integration process.

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