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Sound and first persons perspective

Besides researching embodied experience and first persons perspective with image, sound plays a huge role in it as well. I have been working with omni sound (3d sound) since a year. Especially with the 'Be boy be girl installation', this worked really well. Every time you turn your head, sound changes perspective as well.

After Eyals workshop I realised how I worked with sound with the aim to create a stronger connection with characters as well. For example by isolating moments in sound when they were in a group or further away. So you are still close to their perception. Two examples that work really well for me are seen in this link:

(around timecode: 24m35 till 25m25 and timecode 45m30 till 46m18

Binairy sound

One of the VR pieces I saw not so long ago which really was done beautifully was Notes on blindness (above). Which works from the idea of a man describing what he hears and whilst doing that you see the world that he describes being created in light and shapes. Here the omni sound worked really well and helped with the interactive part, because the sound guided your eyes.

I haven't been working with Binary sound yet, but I am also really curious, because it records from this first perspective. For cinema it doesn't really contribute a lot, since it works best with headphones. But for VR I think it would work beautifully.

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