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Point of View

During the workshop of Eyal Sivan we showed two experiments about how we perceive the world. What I look at in my surrounding when I enter a room and how I film this. I know that I am always fascinated of watching other people closely in my work, so as I expected there were a lot of close ups as you can see below. And I was not surprised to see aesthetically beautiful images or reflections that play with reality somehow. Here are some film stills to get an impression:

But what surprised me that I was the only filmmaker in class who tried to give the spectator an embodied feeling. As if you were looking through someones eyes. Often from a point of view perspective. Like seen in the film stills here:

Looking back at my previous work the last 8 year, I realised that this is something I have been researching without realising it. Only in my last project 'Be Boy Be Girl', embodiment was also part of the content of the installation.

So a major insight for me into my work, why not combine this content and form? I just found a wikipedia page about first persons perspective in film and will be looking into that and see how I can make this more part of my research.

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