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Tactile skin

I haven't tried a tactile skin suit, but I think it could definitely add a lot of value. In the experiments I did in my previous work with VR and sensory input, heat and wind from a fan and touch, worked best to create a physical illusion for the brain. So that it really felt as if the spectator became transported to another environment. I have some appointments with the VR Lab at the Donders institute and the VR academy this monts, so I really hope I can try it out. Besides this I would like to experiment with movement. Some examples that I saw worked very well, although they are still very rudimentary, but combined with strong content I would be very interested how it could contribute to the experience.

For example these. The first is an experiment they are doing with pressure, the other one is more simple, but works really well as an experience.

And we all dreamt of this one..

Nothing is better than flying.. In the beginning your brain really needs to adapt, but after just a few moments because of the synchronisation of the body and what you are seeing and the wind, it works so well that it becomes a full body experience.

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