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Research about Perception

Are we able to see reality as it is? Even if you would be married for 50 years, you would not perceive reality the same way. For me curiosity in how subjective reality is and how people can perceive the same thing, but experience something radically different and how this is processed in our brain is very interesting.

After realising that perception plays an important role in my work, I set out to learn more about the mechanisms of perception. Mainly focussing on perception of our eyes. To research this further I worked together a few days in september with Neuroscientist Floris de Lange who researches visual perception. To learn more about perception as a tool and how it works in our brain. Below is a short documentary I made in september about his work and ideas about Perception.

The most interesting insight was the fact that apparently we don't see with our eyes, but always look at our memory. This is something really interesting to investigate further in cinema.

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