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Can a robot have a consciousness?

Just saw this great short film at inscience filmfestival about Erica. Which puts the idea of a thing having a soul and a consciousness in another perspective just like the feature 'Her' or the animation 'Ghost in a shell'. But this is now, here and happening.

This weekend I met up with Elena the founder from the VR Sci group. She is a data scientist and is activating VR labs of all the universities across the Globe to work together. Very interesting. Currently she is researching avatars. She creates avatars from people with different possibilities. So basically a full body scan that shows the different parallel options we have and analyses what would happen if we made other choices. (basically when you would eat only cookies, choose to stay indoor, make this other decision about your career etc) during 3 months she analyses this and you see how the avatars did. And they are an exact copy from your bloodgroup, till your metabolism etc. Very interesting content and very weird at the same time.

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