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Experimenting with embodiment in cinema

I realised that I start my projects always with asking questions about things that are self evident and I develop further into bigger projects with multiple characters. After the silence challenge we did in Jellichtjes workshop I realised that my ideas are often sensory based. So she challenged me to do something to do something which is self evident for me. I have chosen to research walking and see if I could make the spectator aware how self evident we think being able to walk is, but how much we are actually doing. Which resulted in this first experiment:

Experiment #1

After doing this I realised that it is almost not possible to describe what I am doing unconsciously. So than I became curious how camera perspective would contribute to the (embodied) experience of the spectator. Based on the same audio I started experimenting with found footage of these different perspective and see what I and other spectators experienced.

Experiment #2 to #5

In which fragment does the spectator not only see somebody walking but actually feel and experience walking? In which sense do we as spectators try to connect to the moving image by synchronising what we see and hear in the audio and video?

Experiment #2

Experiment #3

Experiment #4

Experiment #5

What I didn't expect was that I actually felt more embodied with the camera-perspective where I didn't had a 'body' and felt in my legs a moving sensation. Jellichje also experienced this, so this is an interesting finding. Also it emphases on how our brain just wants to synchronise every image and sound. Especially on experiment#4.

Based on these experiments I changed my research question into: How can immersive cinema contribute to a stronger sensory and emotionally experience for the spectator?

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