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Camera perspective & Framing

How does camera perspective change the way we experience a film? For me it is important that I don't break the illusion of the 'film world' I create. As a filmmaker and spectator I want to be with the characters in their world, while they share their story. But which camera perspective do you choose to achieve this best?

Currently I am very interested in the perception of our body. As a basis I used the same text and audio but three times with different (moving) images. To see how framing changes how we perceive the story. So I choose 3 different approached to tell the story. From a first persons perspective a literal approach or a more symbol approach.

From which perspective do you represent a personal experience?

What is to embody?

What are the different ways of embodiment in cinema? Which representation works for me? Is it about illustrating, demonstrating, projecting or experiencing?

Can you feel close to someone from a distant? Es Devin is a stage designer who works a lot on how you can feel close although you are far away, beatifull examples of concerts below:

Great article in New Yorker about it:

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