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POV in other projects

While I was researching embodiment and point of view. I had to think about a film I saw. 'Hard core Henry'. The whole film is told from a point of view perspective. First you get really dizzy, but after a while you get used to the idea of being in a big game. For a long time it feels like a gimmick, but the moments where he sees himself in the mirror the embodiment works. So somehow you need a sense of knowing who you are and than you can get more easily drawn in the film.

But if you compare this film with 'The diving bell and the butterfly' it is a whole other story. Here I really felt claustrophobic and being someone else.

One of the great examples in VR I found (actually after doing my installation) was this work. Based on a similar research, but working with touch and camera while you are seeing another person doing similar things. Your brain creates an embodied feeling. I haven't done this, but would be really curious to see. Because I know how the analogue effects are actually working the best. I think that here the simultaneously touching, same as the rubber hand illusion. would contribute the most.

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